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who are the people you photograph?


They are all my friends.

melody lounge
furns birthday bash
swingers parking lot
straight ahead
swingers parking lot
on my trip to SF. 
the golden gate bridge

Just came across your blog through Life of Agony tags haha! Love your photos!


Hey thanks! :D
I appreciate that. Glad you like them.

furn on the street
chinatown, los angeles
@ La Cita
dirty develop 
up close with madie 
@ Melody Lounge
Adrian V. 
Melody Lounge 
heres a photo of Casey at Self Edge last month. 
taken on my Contax T2
Stephanee “hidding”

at Gnarmaggeton Fest
Jesus does the Griffith observatory 

Favorite band?


I have 2. The smiths and AFI.

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